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Somehow the message I most need to hear has a way of finding me

If you’ve ever had the honor of meeting Tim Brister in person, you know that love and light radiates from him. Somehow he has managed to capture that energy in his book ‘With Love.’ I’ve started opening the book to random pages every day and somehow the message I most need to hear has a way of finding me.

I’m so grateful to have his wisdom with me and as Tim himself writes, choosing to be grateful is a choice that shapes the whole of our life. If you could use a little reminder about what being alive is and how limitless your possibilities are, get this book. You’ll want to share it will everyone you love too!


Intensely thought provoking

I thought this book would be an easy, ‘flip through it and smile’ book, but I was wrong. I have found it intensely thought provoking and often, reading this during particularly stressful work periods, this has changed my outlook on a day, has thrust perspective at me and forced me to sit up and really ‘enjoy’ the moment and being alive.
Sometimes that’s not at all easy, but Tim has a clear, empathetic style that comes across as completely genuine and sincerely loving. I haven’t even completed all of the days yet as I’ve had to repeat some to really think about my attitude to myself and the rest of the world. I am truly grateful for having this book and being able to use it to bring me back to what actually matters.


Wisdom written beautifully from the heart

I was so pleased when Tim said that he would be publishing this book having read his daily postings on facebook for some time and enjoyed their honesty, positivity, authenticity and how much they resonated with me. The book can be read in sequence or dipped into as you wish to find words of wisdom written beautifully from the heart.


A gem of inspiration

With Love is an amazingly, generous and thought provoking book. I love this book, I use the daily wisdoms as part of my daily gratitude and reflection time and at other times have just opened the book randomly to read a piece that feels as if it has been written for me at that precise moment. I have also used it with another person opening the book opening the book reading a daily wisdom and then discussing what it has brought up for each of others.
This is a gem of inspiration, written from Tim’s heart, that will touch yours. I highly recommend With Love.


How to exist in this world from a heartfelt place

I just love this book as a daily reminder to live “with love”, which to me means to live every day from my heart – and Tim Brister is a wonderful teacher on doing just that. Very grateful to have his written words as guidance on how to exist in this world from a heartfelt place, and would recommend this book to anybody who is interested in finding their way back to their heart.


Every page has a message from the heart

I saw these incredible daily “With Love” postings on Tim’s Facebook Page and was in awe of such heartfelt sharing. There was a great demand from people saying, please put these into a book, so we can have them when we need them. Here we are the magical moment has arrived in the manifestation of this work of love art.

I love this book and use it as my daily love inspired gratitude. If ever there was book you can pick up and feel love flow, its this one. Every page has a message from the heart to share. At time of challenge, sadness and hurt, happiness and joy, this gives warmth love and encouragement to be yourself and follow your heart.

The Author has a way of unfolding your day, just as it should “With Love” Thank you for the gift of your soul presence here. We love and appreciate this book so much.

Jill Humphreys

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Being held accountable by others – does it work?

Holding ourselves accountable for our life can feel like a scary thing to do. Because if you hold yourself accountable, then there’s only one person who you can go back to if things don’t feel right, or you feel in a place of pain, or perhaps a place of isolation. And that person is you!

The truth is that in the end, we are all accountable for our own life; no one else can ever be accountable for that.

So, is there any value in having peer groups that hold each other accountable? The answer is; yes, but only as a temporary measure, as a sticking plaster. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. We all own our own life and we can only ever be 100% accountable to ourselves. We live with ourselves forever, so it’s good to know that we’ll always have us to be accountable to!
  2. Everyone has their own stuff going on in their life. The vast majority of people are struggling to hold together their own life so the likelihood of them consistently showing up over an extended period of time to hold anyone else accountable is slim to none.

Therefore, peer accountability can provide a short term, temporary support to all of us, but only as a stepping-stone for each of us to be able to accept full accountability for everything in our life.

What’s more, the joy and freedom that we feel when we are truly accountable for our own life is a joy and freedom that we all deserve to feel, in every moment of every day. Give yourself that joy and freedom, take accountability, and lead the way!

With Love

Tim x

Can we really influence our response to external events?

Events in life come and go.  We all experience events in our life.  The question for each of us is; how will we respond to each event in that moment?

We cannot see the future, therefore, we cannot predict events that have yet to take place.  So trying to predict our response to any event is impossible, because we can only respond in the moment, once the event has taken place. What’s more, our response to similar events could be different because the moment an event takes place will not be the same moment as when any similar event takes place.

Simply put our response to each and every event is unique, even if the event is similar to other events we’ve experienced.

Accepting that our response is unique, there is another question.   What’s our state of being at that moment and what will we do in response to the event? And it’s our state of being that has a huge influence on both our immediate response and subsequent actions.

We all, always have a state of being, we are always being.  But, most of us are so obsessed with doing, that we focus most of our energy and attention on what we’re doing. When we want to make a change in our life, oftentimes we change what we’re doing and hope that will result in enduring change.  It won’t!  Because if we continue being as we’ve always been then a change in what we are doing will be temporary.  Lasting change comes when we work at the level of being as well as the level of doing.

If you want to change the way in which you typically respond to events then decide on the way of being that you feel will enable you to be most resourceful.

Be aware that a way of being is something that runs through our whole life.  If we decide that being loving is how we want to be then our intention is to be loving in every moment. One of the lovely things about being loving is that on the occasions we notice that we are not being as loving as we would like to be, our response is to be loving. Our response is not to beat ourselves up or to dwell in a less loving way of being, because we are choosing to be loving, the most loving thing to do is to be loving!

Life tends to move at a relentlessly fast pace, meaning that it’s easy to get caught up reacting to events and situations without taking a moment to breathe, notice our way of being and to respond. The gift is in the breath and noticing our way of being, because that gift leads us to a place of response and not reaction.

So, yes, we can really influence our response to external events. The key is to choose a way of being that serves us and to be kind to ourselves when we get caught up in the moment and find ourselves reacting in a way that is not aligned with the way of being we have chosen.

With Love

Tim x

Meditation and heartfelt connection – is there a link?

What does meditation really do for us? Does it give us a few moments of relative quiet or do the benefits go further? What’s your experience of meditation?

In an attempt to answer the question posed at the top of this blog, I’ll share my experience and journey with meditation. Back in 1998 I first attempted meditation, for a couple of weeks I read a book, listened to tapes (no CD’s or iPods back then!) but no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the noise of my mind out of the meditation experience. Which meant that I wasn’t meditating properly as I understood that meditation was about quietening the mind. That was it! The tapes and book were consigned to a cupboard until many years later when they were given to the charity shop.

Do you recognise that kind of experience? Or perhaps you know someone whose experience something similar.

Looking back, I realise that I simply wasn’t ready for meditation. The very fact that I was judging my meditation experience showed that I wasn’t ready. There was more work for me to do on me. At the time, I though that meditation wasn’t for me, that it didn’t offer me anything.

But, here’s something to think about; when we are ready, we are ready…..

Roll on 15 years. 15 years of work on me, with input and support from many wise, loving and talented mentors, guides and coaches. My next attempt at meditation was about to commence!

What a difference! Within the first couple of days I learned that every meditation is perfect and what an amazing insight that turned out to be. Because, not only did that free me from judging mediation experiences but it opened the path that freed me from judgment in every aspect of my life.

Understanding that everything is perfect, just as it is, has completely transformed my life. Because when you know that everything is perfect then acceptance of each and every moment is a given. What else can you do other than accept the divine perfection of the moment?

That moment by moment acceptance can only be experienced through presence in the moment. And there is a basis for a life of gratitude. Because by being present and accepting the moment, we are being grateful for the perfection of every moment. The acceptance can only take place whilst we are being grateful.

The power of meditation, the power to bring us to the present and to accept the present with love and gratitude serves millions of people every moment of every day.

Returning to the question at the top of this blog.

I hope you can see through my story that meditation is a path, it is one of the paths to heartfelt connection. It’s not the only path but it is a well-trodden path.

Try it and see if it’s the path for you.

With love