About The Author

Tim is purpose driven, his vision is to change the world through his writing, coaching and workshops. Through working with others who are purpose driven, through that love and energy he is enabling millions to live their dreams, to express their truth freely from a loving place and to return to love and joy. Tim’s passion for his purpose is matched by his energy and commitment to serve millions. It’s a giant purpose and one that Tim is determined and dedicated to fulfilling.

Tim owns a number of businesses that enable him to develop a portfolio of services and products that enable his clients to transform their lives. Tim’s portfolio includes relationship coaching, business leadership coaching, career coaching, trouble shooting in Financial Services, creation of experiential workshops and writing. Tim’s clients experience change at many levels and the strength of Tim’s contribution to his clients is demonstrated by the fact that the vast majority of his business comes through referrals from existing clients.


With Love is Tim’s first book and consists of words from Tim’s heart to connect with your heart, to enable you to amplify the connection that you have with your heart.

Having created a volume of inspirational quotes, Tim feels that these words best sum up Tim’s message for the world: “Our planet is overrun with and run by fearful people. Don’t let their conditioned fear diminish your beauty, your love and your dreams. Your heart knows the truth, let your heart shape your life”.

Tim Brister – Writer, coach and mentor, who through his love and energy is enabling others to express their truth freely from a loving place.