Holding ourselves accountable for our life can feel like a scary thing to do. Because if you hold yourself accountable, then there’s only one person who you can go back to if things don’t feel right, or you feel in a place of pain, or perhaps a place of isolation. And that person is you!

The truth is that in the end, we are all accountable for our own life; no one else can ever be accountable for that.

So, is there any value in having peer groups that hold each other accountable? The answer is; yes, but only as a temporary measure, as a sticking plaster. There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. We all own our own life and we can only ever be 100% accountable to ourselves. We live with ourselves forever, so it’s good to know that we’ll always have us to be accountable to!
  2. Everyone has their own stuff going on in their life. The vast majority of people are struggling to hold together their own life so the likelihood of them consistently showing up over an extended period of time to hold anyone else accountable is slim to none.

Therefore, peer accountability can provide a short term, temporary support to all of us, but only as a stepping-stone for each of us to be able to accept full accountability for everything in our life.

What’s more, the joy and freedom that we feel when we are truly accountable for our own life is a joy and freedom that we all deserve to feel, in every moment of every day. Give yourself that joy and freedom, take accountability, and lead the way!

With Love

Tim x