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A gift on every page

With Love is one of those great books which can be opened on any page and there will be a gift on the page, I have been sharing the book with my wife and it stays within reach at all times around the house.

I’m looking forward to getting a few more copies to give away as gifts to friends and family.

Stephen O’Brien

I could feel love and warmth coming off the page

“With Love” by Tim Brister is a breath of fresh air.

It really is written ‘with love’ and as I read it I could feel love and warmth coming off the page into my heart.
Reading it in order, or dipping in and taking pot luck are equally powerful.

To be reminded to see and feel the world with love and gratitude each day has turned my world around.
Thank you so much Tim for writing this gem.

I will treasure it for many years to come.

Love Isobel

Divine guidance

This book is like divine guidance to me!

I always seem to read what I need to read to answer a question that has gone through my mind or it offers me the wisdom I require later during the day!

It’s amazing 🙂

Much love


Fear or Love? A simple choice with massive consequences.

Perhaps it’s common to become disillusioned with people, and there are undoubtedly some people who treat others without love, kindness or basic human decency.  But imagine a life where you come to believe that most people are in some way out to do you harm, whether that’s emotional, physical, financial or some other type of harm.

To reach a place of disillusionment, to believe that most people are out to do you harm is a place totally based in fear.  You could only even consider those possibilities if you were being fearful.

Fear is the primary driver around the globe today.   The elected leaders are fearful, the leaders of industry are fearful, the community leaders are fearful.

How safe does the globe feel now?  Being run by fearful people.

Look around.  Do you sense that kindness, love and trust are commonplace or are fear, dis-trust and abuse more readily visible?

Typically, those amongst us that are fearful will sense fear, dis-trust and abuse.  Those of us living in love will sense kindness, love and trust.

We are all responsible for our own life experience.  We can choose fear, we can choose love, we can choose any number of ways of being.

Be aware that the consciousness of the planet is determined by the consciousness of each and every one of us.  If the predominant way of being is fear then that will be the predominant consciousness on the planet.

This is where we are today, we are living amongst an epidemic of fear.  And remember that we are all contributors to the consciousness of our world and we are collectively choosing fear over love!

Would you choose to live in a world of fear or a world of love?

Fear will lead to the world self destructing in some way.  Each of us can do something to save the world simply by choosing to be love and to share our love in every moment.

Fear or love?  A simple choice with massive consequences.

With love


A ray of sunshine when we can’t see our way through the storm

I have been following Tim Brister’s posts on Facebook for a while now. His words always resonated with me and it was especially at those challenging times in life that his regular posts popped up on my phone and gave me exactly what I needed hear. These came in with almost perfect synchronicity at the right time to lift my spirits and give me clarity when I felt a bit overwhelmed.
I am overjoyed that Tim has now made a book featuring all these posts, brimming with positive reminders of how to be our best selves. One page for every day of the year, what a lovely thing to have in my life. I have already started reading a page a day and the book goes with me where I go. My dip-in travel companion.
I recommend With Love as a wonderful addition to anyone’s growth and personal development library, a ray of sunshine when we can’t see our way through the storm.
Thank you Tim.
Much love Carrie Brooks

With Love Book Launch Celebration

Save the date – Monday May 16th, 5.30pm – late

Location – Be At One, 48 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7AY


With Love 2 Book Launch

Coming in winter 2016

More details to follow