Extracts from WithLoveBooks

From time to time we notice and we feel change in our life. How do you experience that change?

Is change exciting, daunting, scary, energising? Or perhaps change is part of your everyday experience?

Whatever change feels like for you, allow it to feel that way and always love yourself. Don’t give yourself a hard time because you haven’t got everything straight. Embrace where you are and be grateful for the fact that you are where you are.

Love you, love where you are and most of all be love.

With love

How often do you give yourself the gift of silence? The gift of allowing your mind to be quiet and without external stimulus?

This is a gift that everyone is able to give to themselves. There is no cost, no preparation, no particular clothing or location. This is a gift that’s available to all of us in every moment.

And we hear that nothing in life is free!

Yet this gift is 100% free and what’s more it’s one of the most powerful and empowering gifts that you could ever give.

Give yourself the gift of silence.

Notice what you notice and remember to give yourself that gift of silence again, and again, and again, and again.

With love

Today, see if you can find joy in the simplest things. The beating of your heart, the wonder of nature, the miracle of the Internet.

In fact decide that today you’re going to be grateful. Not for anything specific, just decide to be grateful. Then notice that you find joy in everything!

It’s far more powerful to choose your way of being and to choose a way of being that empowers you than it is to allow your daily experience to determine your way of being.

You really can set the tone for your whole life. Simply choose your way of being and everything else follows.

With love

Sometimes, doing the right thing takes a good deal of effort and energy. Whenever that is true, the first thing to do is to connect with your heart and ask if this really is the right thing or not.

If your heart is not in it then it’s not the right thing, simple. When your heart is in it, then it really is the right thing and it will not feel like an effort.

Search in your heart and you’ll know what the right thing is.

Be aware that this is not about right and wrong as we typically think of it, because they are constructs of our mind. This is about sensing what feels right, what feels aligned to our heart and to our soul.

Trust yourself to know when you find what feels right.

With love